Legislator calls for abortion breast cancer task force

Ohio State Representative Calls For Abortion-Breast Cancer Task Force

Ohio State Representative Jean Schmidt announced her intentions to introduce a resolution which would create an Abortion-Breast Cancer Task Force. The measure was modeled after Illinois Senate Resolution 8 introduced by State Senator Patrick O’Malley in 2000. Its purpose would be to examine the 37 epidemiological studies published over the last 45 years which have explored a relationship between induced abortion and the disease and to study the available biological evidence supporting a causal relationship. Twenty-eight of the studies thus far have implicated abortion as a risk factor. 

Members of the task force would be charged with the duty to make recommendations to the legislature on how to create greater awareness of the abortion-breast cancer link. 

Schmidt promised to sponsor legislation requiring doctors to inform abortion bound women about the research if the task force concludes that there is a causal relationship. 

The House speaker would be required to appoint all members of the task force, except the minority member. 

The task force would consist of three health professionals, two House Republicans and one House Democrat. The task force will be given a November 30, 2002 deadline for the completion of its report.

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