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The Wanderer, a national Catholic newspaper, featured an article on April 21, 2011 about support for Planned Parenthood from the leaders of Susan G. Komen and the American Cancer Society. The story by Dexter Duggan is featured below.

Karen Malec
Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer


"Not Only The Federal Government . . .
Directs Money To Planned Parenthood"

By Dexter Duggan

The Wanderer
April 21, 2011

While Democrats on Capitol Hill fight to keep shoveling hun­dreds of millions of taxpayer dol­lars every year to the nation’s larg­est abortion provider, Planned Par­enthood, two veteran pro- life ac­tivists spoke to The Wanderer about two other organizations that direct some funds they collect to the abortion giant.

Michael Hichborn, a spokes­man for the Virginia- based Ameri­can Life League ( ALL), said that the Susan G. Komen for the Cure foundation and American Cancer Society ( ACS) might be influ­enced by negative publicity about helping feather the Planned Par­enthood nest, but the problem goes deeper.

“Bad publicity would be one thing. That’s always a deterrent,” said Hichborn. However, “ You’d really have to work on their ide­ology, their whole view of the human person. . . . I don’t know that press alone is going to do it.”

Karen Malec, president of the Coalition on Abortion/ Breast Cancer ( CABC), said that as far as her organization knows, Komen has given far more funding to Planned Parenthood than the ACS has.

Meanwhile, Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat for sure and a “ Catholic” by his own allega­tion, was in effect again taunting the Church to excommunicate him if it dared. Politico. com reported that Biden informed House Speak­er John Boehner ( R., Ohio) “ in no uncertain terms” the night of April 7 that Boehner’s “ demand was unacceptable” to cut off the abortion giant’s blood money.

“If that became the deal break­er, Biden said, he would ‘ take it to the American people,’ who would presumably punish the GOP for shutting down the gov­ernment over an ideological is­sue,” Politico. com reported.

Somehow to Biden, his insist­ing that taxpayers feed the execu­tion chambers of Planned Parent­hood or else the government will shut down isn’t his own ideologi­cal tantrum.

One might conclude that if the U. S. Catholic Church had one-­third the tenacity of the Demo­cratic Party’s dedication to its own agenda, pro-abortion “Catholic” extremists long ago would have had to make the, ahem, choice be­tween their Church and their bloodletting.

Putatively “Catholic” politi­cians like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, the ALL’s Hichborn said, “have set themselves up as their own Magisterium” in order to use the Church to further their ends.

Planned Parenthood is the “prime agent” for the Culture of Death and is “diametrically op­posed to the Catholic Church,” he said.

“I’ve even seen people who support abortion” but want Planned Parenthood’s funding cut off “because it’s a corrupt agency,” Hichborn said, mentioning PP’s covering up for “child- sex traf­fickers” and not reporting to the government what it’s required to report.

As for another organization di­recting some of its take to Planned Parenthood, on April 1 LifeNews . com reported that over the next few months the American Cancer Society will be staging its major fundraiser, “ Relays for Life,” in cities across the country.

Josh Brahm, director of educa­tion at Right to Life of Central California’s Fresno-Madera office, wrote for LifeNews. com that the ACS has been linked to organiza­tions that support abortion, human cloning, and human embryonic stem-cell research (HESCR).

Malec, the CABC president, told The Wanderer that both the ACS and Komen use “severely flawed research” to deny that abor­tion increases breast cancer or even means an increased risk of breast cancer.

However, she said, the ACS “has admitted it’s the change in child­bearing patterns that is responsi­ble for this increase for breast can­cer. . . .

“Everyone knows why we have these revolutionary changes in women’s childbearing patterns over the last 50 years…. Delayed childbearing, smaller families, and childlessness are all known breast cancer risks,” Malec said.

In addition, pro-life researchers point to a link between a pregnant woman’s breast tissue development in preparation for lactation and subsequent tissue difficulties following induced abortion.

“If the pregnancy is carried to term,” the CABC web site says, “a second process called ‘differenti­ation’ takes place. Differentiation is the shaping of cells into milk-­producing tissue. It shuts off the cell multiplication process. This takes place at approximately 32 weeks’ gestation.

“If the pregnancy is aborted,” the CABC site adds, “ the woman is left with more undifferentiated — and therefore cancer-vulnerable — cells than she had before she was pregnant. On the other hand, a full- term pregnancy leaves a woman with more milk-producing differentiated cells, which means that she has fewer cancer-vulnera­ble cells in her breasts than she did before the pregnancy.”

But, the site says, most miscar­riages don’t raise breast-cancer risk: “This is due to a lack of es­trogen overexposure. Miscarriag­es are frequently precipitated by a decline in the production of progesterone, which is needed to maintain a pregnancy. Estrogen is made from progesterone, so the levels of each hormone rise and fall together during pregnancy.”

Malec told The Wanderer that both the ACS and Komen “endorse experiments on human embryos, so that’s another similarity. Ko­men, so far as we know, has given far more money to Planned Parent­hood than the American Cancer Society has.”

An article at The Daily Caller web site reported on October 12, 2010: “From 2004- 2009 Komen affiliates contributed about $3.3 million to programs sponsored by Planned Parenthood and, in FY 2009, $731,303.”

Money is fungible and can be moved from one side of the busi­ness to another, Malec told The Wanderer. “It frees up a lot of money for abortion.”

Although Komen speaks of combating breast cancer, Planned Parenthood doesn’t offer women mammograms, Malec said.

“There are legitimate organiza­tions that could be receiving these funds,” Malec said. “. . . We’re not exactly a Third World nation . . . that has difficulties providing these services to women. . . .

“I would say that the American Cancer Society and Komen have blood on their hands,” she said, because both organizations con­tinue denying a link between in­duced abortion and breast cancer. “. . . . We have an extra 1.5 mil­lion cases of breast cancer in the U. S. since Roe v. Wade” that are attributable to induced abortion, she said. The U. S. Supreme Court legalized permissive abortion na­tionally in 1973. In a subsequent e-mail, Ma­lec told The Wanderer: “ Can­cer groups lied to women about the risks of using the birth control pill and combined HRT [hormone replacement thera­py], and now they are lying about the abortion-breast can­cer link.

“Cancer groups did not tell women the truth about the breast­ cancer risks associated with using the birth control pill and com­bined (estrogen + progestin) hor­mone replacement therapy until 2002, although the evidence first became available in the 1980s,” she said.

“Cancer groups only acknowl­edged these risks after the na­tional press reported in 2002 that the Women’s Health Initia­tive study had been abruptly ter­minated because researchers had learned that combined HRT use increased the risks of heart at­tacks and strokes. According to [ Dr.] Joel Brind, researchers al­ready knew it raised breast can­cer risk,” Malec said.

Brind is the CABC’s medical adviser.

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