British research indicates abortion doubles breast cancer risk

British Study: Half of Expected Breast Cancer Cases "Attributable to Abortion"

London, England: British researchers from the Populations and Pensions Research Institution, an independent group of statisticians, reported that women who procure abortions double their risks of breast cancer, said The Age (England) on December 4, 2001. 

The incidences of breast cancer and abortion in Finland, Sweden and Great Britain were examined by the statisticians who concluded that the increasing frequency of the disease was directly related to a climb in the abortion rates. 

The statisticians determined that as many as one half of the cases of breast cancer in England and Wales between 1997 and 2023 “will be attributable to abortion.” Patrick Carroll, a statistician and author, revealed that breast cancer rates in England will surge from 35,110 in 1997 to 77,000 in 2023. This dramatic increase will occur because of the large number of abortions performed before first full term pregnancy. 

A woman who’s never experienced a full term pregnancy unknowingly subjects herself to greater risks for the disease by having an abortion because her breast cells are in an immature state and are especially vulnerable to carcinogens at that time. Beginning at the outset of pregnancy, estrogen levels climb 2000% and cause a terrific multiplication of breast cells. When she procures an abortion, she is left with more cancer vulnerable cells than she had prior to the pregnancy. The maturing process known as “differentiation” only takes place in the third trimester and provides a woman with more cancer resistant cells. 

Joel Brind, Ph.D., president of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute, said, "This implicates a risk factor that is a matter of choice. Simply undergoing [an abortion] once measurably increases the risk of breast cancer. We are talking about thousands of cases of breast cancer over the next twenty years. This is a very sobering statistic." 

Patrick Carroll asserted that, "Breast cancer incidence has risen ... in parallel with rising abortion rates. There is no doubt there is a causal relationship. Perhaps as many as 50 percent of these cases will be attributable to abortion and unless there is a major improvement in treatment, the number of women who die from the disease will rise alarmingly."

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