Catholic Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota Embarks on ad campaign to educate women about Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

A coalition led by Rachelle Sauvageau, the director of the Pro-Life Office for the Catholic Diocese of Fargo, North Dakota, has embarked on a newspaper, billboard and parish bulletin ad campaign to educate women about the abortion-breast cancer link. The ads contain the web address and the toll free number for the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer, an international women's organization whose purpose is to protect the health and save the lives of women by educating and providing information on abortion as a risk factor for breast cancer. 

This ad campaign coincides with a lawsuit against a Fargo abortion provider, the Red River Women's Clinic, which had been distributing a pamphlet to its clients containing false and misleading statements about the research concerning the abortion-breast cancer link. The statement from the pamphlet says, "Anti-abortion activists claim that having an abortion increases the risk of developing breast cancer and endangers future childbearing. None of these claims are supported by medical research or established medical organizations." The plaintiff, Amy Jo Mattson, alleges false advertising and is seeking injunctive relief.

Ms. Sauvageau commented on the litigation saying, "This suit is necessary to allow women to protect their own health and well-being. Our concern for women compels us to defend them against the false claims that abortion is not harmful to a woman's health, be it emotional, physical or spiritual."

Dr. Spencer Berry, a Fargo family practitioner and a member of the coalition, has prepared a slide presentation on the abortion-breast cancer link and is available for speaking engagements to counselors or the general public. Call the Pro-Life Office at the Diocese of Fargo at 701/235-6429, ext. 20 in order to schedule speaking engagements. 

There are now 27 out of 33 worldwide studies and 13 out of 14 American studies which associate induced abortion with an increased risk of breast cancer. The website for the Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer provides a listing of these studies. The web address is:

The college newspaper ads and the parish bulletin notices say:

Breast Cancer Alert!

Having an abortion increases your risk of breast cancer, especially for:

  • Women with a family history of breast cancer.
  • Women who had an abortion under age 18.
  • Women who had an abortion in the later stages of pregnancy.

Proof: Check out the information yourself. Here's a website that has current facts:

What to do: If you have had an abortion or are considering an abortion, contact us for information on how to protect yourself in the future.


The Billboard ad says:

Q. What increases your risk of breast cancer?

A. Abortion.