Ob/Gyn’s and Two Hospitals Informed of their Potential Legal Liability

Christ Hospital, located in Oak Lawn, Illinois, made the national news in the Fall of 1999 because of its involvement with live-birth abortions. Second trimester abortions are being performed there, and the babies which are born alive are left to die, sometimes in the room for soiled laundry. The hospital’s affiliate, Lutheran General Hospital, located in Park Ridge, Illinois also performs abortions. The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer mailed more than a 100 “Dear Doctor” letters to the hospitals and the ob/gyn’s on their staffs and explained to them their legal obligation to inform women of the abortion-breast cancer link. In addition, Dr. Charles Gallina, Executive Director of STOPP Planned Parenthood for Illinois, mailed 62 of our “Dear Doctor” letters via certified mail to physicians in the Springfield, Illinois area. This letter can be found on our web site, and we encourage other individuals and groups to mail the letter to the physicians in their area.